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I-Series Power Requirements

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The I3H252 Hardware Installation Guide states, in the 'Power Requirements' section, Table A-8: Electrical Specification
Input Power 24 VDC ~ 2.5 A
Power Consumption 18 to 36 Volt DC
0.93 to 1.87 A
33.48 to 33.66 W[/code]Expanding on that information:
  • The I3H252 switch has a maximum rated input of 2.5A.
  • Its I3H-PWR power supply has a rated output of 2.5A.
  • The over-current protection for the I3H-PWR external supply circuit must be rated at a maximum of 2.0A.
  • The maximum current drawn by the I3H252 during safety approval was 1.38A.
See also: 10166.

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