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In what Chassis can a Matrix DFE Switch be Installed

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Matrix N-Series

Special characteristics of the 7H4382-25
Dfference between Matrix N1 / N3 / N7 / E7 / E6 chassis

7H4382-49 will not communicate on FTM1 backplane
Won't communicate on FTM1

The 7C111 (Matrix N1) provides only a single slot, so has no backplane bus. Any DFE switch (running firmware 5.12.02 or higher) may be installed into a 7C111 chassis (5604), where it operates as a standalone "DFE system".

The 7C107 (Matrix N7) and 7C103 (Matrix N3) chassis have a FTM2 bus only. Any DFE switch may be installed into a 7C107 or 7C103 chassis, where they intercommunicate via FTM2 only, forming a single, integrated "DFE system".

The 6C107 (Matrix E7) chassis has both a FTM2 and FTM1 bus. Any DFE switch may be installed into a 6C107 chassis, where they intercommunicate among themselves via FTM2 only, forming a single, integrated "DFE system". Further, it may be necessary that at least one FTM1-capable (7x43xx-xx) switch be present, in order to bridge to any 1st/2nd/3rd Generation switches installed in the chassis. FTM1-capable DFE switches also support the Proxy Bridge function native to 3rd Generation switches, when installed into a 6C107 chassis. Note that the "Gold" series (4x42xx-xx) DFE switches have no FTM1 capability and will only FTM2-communicate with other "Gold" series DFE switches.

The 6C105 (Matrix E6) chassis has a FTM1 bus only. By design, only one DFE switch type - 7H4382-25 - may operate in a 6C105 chassis. In this environment, it is forced to backplane inter-communicate using only FTM1. Any other DFE switch type installed into a 6C105 chassis will fail to boot, after sensing the chassis type.
With firmware 3.x, there are no restrictions regarding how many 7H4382-25s may operate in a 6C105 chassis, but given the lack of FTM2 backplane, each operates as a standalone DFE System.
With firmware 4.00.50 and its support of 802.1S Multiple Spanning Tree, a maximum of one 7H4382-25 may operate in a 6C105 chassis.
With firmware 4.05.07 and higher, multiple 7H4382-25 modules are again supported in a 6C105 chassis, with previous considerations, plus release notes state: "DFE modules in a SmartSwitch 6000 chassis do not propagate MST information on the FTM1 backplane port and only run in RSTP mode. If the DFEs are to all be in the same region, they must all have connectivity back to the regional root bridge via the front panel ports.".

The 7H4382-25 is an off-shoot of the 7H4382-49.

The 7H4382-49 is a Platinum DFE switch with 48 10/100 RJ45 ports, one 7G-6MGBIC slot, and FTM1 & FTM2 backplane connectivity - but if the 7G-6MGBIC is installed, FTM1 connectivity is not supported. A single blade will thus support ge.x.x ports (7G-6MGBIC installed) or bp.x.x ports (no 7G-6MGBIC installed). This has to do with the number of internal connections available. The 7H4383-49 is similar, but has Telco vs RJ45 connectivity.

The 7H4382-25 is a Platinum DFE switch with 24 10/100 RJ45 ports, one 7G-6MGBIC slot, and unconditional FTM1 & FTM2 backplane connectivity. One set of 24 ports was removed as a compromise to permit simultaneous 7G-6MGBIC and FTM1 connectivity.

The 7H4382-25 draws 14.1A @ 5V, which is about average for a 3rd Generation switch (DFEs represent the 4th Generation of chassis-based Matrix switching).

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