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Manipulating the SecureStack Stacking Priority

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Manipulating the SecureStack stacking priority for management preference

'show switch'
"Management Preference"
'set switch priority'
'clear switch priority'

A unit's stack management priority may be viewed as "

Admin Management Preference

", which by default has an "


" value.

For example: C2 Stack(su)->show switch 2
Switch 2
Management Status Unassigned
Hardware Management Preference Unassigned
Admin Management Preference Unassigned
Switch Type
Preconfigured Model Identifier C2K122-24
Plugged-in Model Identifier
Switch Status Not Present
Switch Description
Detected Code Version 00.00.00
Detected Code in Flash 00.00.00
Up Time 0 days 0 hrs 0 mins 0 secs
C2 Stack(su)->[/code]
A unit's stack management priority (15 is the highest, 1 is the lowest) may be set using the 'set switch <unit#> priority <priority>' command.

For example:
C2 Stack(su)->set switch 2 priority 15[/code]
A unit's stack management priority may be specifically set back to the default "Unassigned" value by means of the '

set switch


priority 0

' command, for the following products:
    SecureStack C3, firmware 1.00.88 and higher; SecureStack C2, firmware 5.00.69 and higher; SecureStack B3, firmware 1.00.83 and higher; SecureStack B2, firmware 4.00.70 and higher.
For other hardware and firmware, a unit's stack management priority cannot be specifically set back to the default value because there is no applicable '


' command and no "


" value for the '


' command. As explained in 5628, for this purpose there are two possibilities:
  • Use the '[code]clear config all[/code]' command to clear all stack configurations except for the IP address. -or-
  • Use boot menu option 10 ("[code]Restore Configuration to factory defaults (delete config files)[/code]") to clear, on the master unit, all stack configurations including the IP address.
All of this is FAD (Functions as Designed).

Because management priority is not among the stack attributes supported in the SNMP MIBs (7483), changes may be made via command-line only.
See also: 7086.

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