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Matrix-N Series Routing Limits are not increased after firmware upgrade

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Matrix N

Increased routing limits.
Possible mis-configuration reasons why the Matrix N-Series will not display or operate with the extended limits.

Ugraded firmware to 5.11.21 or higher.

Output of 'show limits' command indicates that the routing limits have not increased as stated in release notes, which quote the following "Router Capacities", paraphrasing a section of the 'show limits' (5299) command output:
Route Table Entries (128 MB RAM) 12,276
Route Table Entries (256 MB RAM) 25,000
. . .
OSPF LSA Type 3 - Summary Networks (128 MB RAM) 3,000
OSPF LSA Type 3 - Summary Networks (256 MB RAM) 8,000
OSPF LSA Type 4 - Summary ASBRs 3,000
OSPF LSA Type 5 - AS External Links (128 MB RAM) 4,000
OSPF LSA Type 5 - AS External Links (256 MB RAM) 10,000

Ensure that the following additional criteria are completed/met:
  • All Matrix N-Series cards running in the chassis have had the DFE-256MB-UGK memory upgrade installed (5299), and/or have 256 MB of SDRAM per the 'show system hardware' command.
  • The advanced routing license (5025) has been installed.
  • The routing limits command ('set router limits route-table 25000') has been executed from switch mode and the system has been rebooted since then. This command sets the Routing Table limit to 25,000, the OSPF LSA Type 3 limit to 8,000, and the OSPF LSA Type 5 limit to 10,000.
Note: Rather than using the switch mode 'set router limits...' command, these limits may instead be adjusted individually by means of the router mode 'set-limit platinum...' command set (requires a reboot). For details, please refer to the Configuration Guide for your firmware version.

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