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N/S-Series NetFlow "Export Packets Failed"

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Matrix N-Series DFE

Running NetFlow (7485) data collection, then issued a 'show netflow' command.

Counters show a high rate of "export packet failure".

For example:S4 Chassis(su)->show netflow

. . .

Export Statistics:
Network Packets Sampled: 688319745
Exported Packets: 112009520
Exported Records: 3005527049
Export Packets Failed: 130160037
Export Records Dropped: 2

S4 Chassis(su)->[/code]Cause
"Export Packets Failed" is the count of the number of NetFlow summary packets the system could not generate due to internal resource limitations/limiters as it was attempting to build them.

The system rate limits the number of flows allowed to be captured for NetFlow. If this rate is exceeded, the system drops the Netflow packets being built to reflect these flows. This is often a sign of rapid flow creation and teardown that may occur during network instability.

In contrast, "Export Records Dropped" is the number of packets that were built but failed to be transmitted onto the network.
Note: Prior to firmware, "Export Records Dropped" were incorrectly reported as "Export Packets Failed".

Upgrade to firmware or higher.
Ensure that port counters, LinkFlap, Spanning Tree, and FlowLimit statistics are monitored to review stability of the network.

Contact the GTAC for assistance, as necessary.

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