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N-Series DHCP Failure after Upgrading to 6.x Firmware

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Matrix N-Series DFE, firmware and higher

Configured DHCP with a pool subnet mask of less than 22 bits (e.g. 'ip local pool myPool').
Upgraded from 5.x or earlier firmware to 6.x firmware.

DHCP does not function.
Upon upgrade, all DHCP configuration commands have been erased.

The defined pool of DHCP addresses exceeds the amount currently supported, which is 1024 addresses.

Firmware release notes state, in the "Software Changes and Enhancements" section:
The DHCP configuration CLI now enforces lease capacity limits. Two new messages may be displayed when configuring DHCP: "The Maximum number of DHCP Leases has been reached." and "The specified pool exceeds the amount of DHCP Leases remaining." Previously the DHCP server might stop processing DHCP requests if its configuration exceeded supported capacities.

The local DHCP pools can contain no more than a total of 1024 addresses, and will need to be reconfigured accordingly.

Ensure that the specified subnet mask within the 'ip local pool' command is within the range of (22-bit = 1022 addresses) and (30-bit = 2 addresses), which will prevent any given pool from exceeding the limit.
Also ensure that the total number of addresses as defined by all local DHCP pools does not exceed the limit.

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