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N-Series OSPF Traps Stop Working after 7.x firmware upgrade

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Matrix N-Series DFE, firmware and higher

With pre-7.x firmware; configured OSPF (5058), and configured to send SNMP traps (5390) which include OSPF traps.
Then, upgraded to the 7.x firmware line (13533).

The DFE still sends SNMP traps, but these no longer include OSPF-related traps.

OSPF traps are not automatically converted during a 7.x upgrade, and are disabled by default after upgrade.

Functions as Designed (FAD).

As of 7.x firmware; sending OSPF traps requires that they be configured individually, using the 'trap' command set in OSPF configuration mode.

To enable an OSPF trap type, use the 'trap <traptype>' command.
To disable an OSPF trap type, use the 'no trap <traptype>' command.

Here are the command options available as of firmware
N7(su-router-config)->router ospf 1
N7(su-router-config-ospf-1)->trap ?
auth-failure interface authentication failure
if-config-error interface config error
if-rx-bad-packet interface receive bad packet
if-state-change interface state change
if-tx-retransmit interface retransmit
nbr-state-change neighbor state change
max-age-lsa max age lsa
originate-lsa lsa origination
virt-if-state-change virtual iinterface state change
virt-nbr-state-change virtual neighbor state change
virt-if-config-error virtual interface config error
virt-if-auth-failure virtual interface authentication failure
virt-if-rx-bad-packet virtual interface receive bad packet
virt-if-tx-retransmit virtual interface retransmit
N7(su-router-config-ospf-1)->trap auth-failure ?

N7(su-router-config-ospf-1)->trap if-config-error ?

N7(su-router-config-ospf-1)->trap if-rx-bad-packet ?

N7(su-router-config-ospf-1)->trap if-state-change ?

N7(su-router-config-ospf-1)->trap if-tx-retransmit ?

N7(su-router-config-ospf-1)->trap nbr-state-change ?

N7(su-router-config-ospf-1)->trap max-age-lsa ?

N7(su-router-config-ospf-1)->trap originate-lsa ?

N7(su-router-config-ospf-1)->trap virt-if-state-change ?

N7(su-router-config-ospf-1)->trap virt-nbr-state-change ?

N7(su-router-config-ospf-1)->trap virt-if-config-error ?

N7(su-router-config-ospf-1)->trap virt-if-auth-failure ?

N7(su-router-config-ospf-1)->trap virt-if-rx-bad-packet ?

N7(su-router-config-ospf-1)->trap virt-if-tx-retransmit ?


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