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N-Series Transparent Web Caching not working within a Single VLAN

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Matrix N-Series DFE

Configured Transparent Web Cache Balancing, using the router mode 'ip twcb...' command.
Attempting to cache traffic which is flowing from source to destination entirely within a single VLAN.

TWCB is not caching/balancing the traffic as expected.

It is necessary for packets to route across an L3 interface in order for the system to redirect the packets to the caching server. When the server group and clients are in the same VLAN, the packets are switched at layer 2.

From the Configuration Guide FW 6.11.xx:
Implementing a TWCB configuration requires users to configure a routed network with IP interfaces that allow the N-Series router to send requests for the internet to the correct web caching device.

This is Functions as Designed (FAD).

Consider the design requirement stated above.
See also: 7110.

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