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NetSight Download & Licensing procedure

  • 21 November 2013
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Atlas Console
Policy Manager
Inventory Manager
Automated Security Manager

Download Netsight evaluation
Download eval software
NetSight service contract product registration
License key


Automated licensing, using Macrovision
Atlas Console v2.2+, Policy Manager v2.2+, Inventory Manager v2.2+, Automated Security Manager v2.2+, and Sentinel.

These NetSight applications may be downloaded and registered for eval or permanent use from http://extranet.enterasys.com/downloads/.

For licensing, you will see a link to obtain an Entitlement-Id/Maintenance upgrade directly under the product listed in bold type. You will need to obtain an Entitlement-Id for each product. Your contract number is required in this application.

You will receive an email from our Customer Service department containing your Entitlement-Id. Once obtained, you will need to go to the licensing section on the right side of the downloads url to create an account. Once created, you will be sent an activation code. Activate your account, then log in to redeem your entitlement and obtain a key for each product. You will need the MAC address of the system that you'll be installing on in order to obtain a key as the software is now node locked.

Creating the account is a one time procedure and we hope this new licensing scheme will make future upgrades much more efficient and less time consuming. Thank you for your patience in going through this process for licensing your NetSight products.

See also: 10833.

Manual licensing
Earlier versions of the applications listed above in the "Automated licensing" category, and all discontinued NetSight applications.

These NetSight applications may be downloaded from http://extranet.enterasys.com/downloads/.

Permanent licensing is no longer available. If these applications are installed without a License key that you already possess, they will be functional for 90 days only.

See 5368 for an explanation of when a different License key is required.

Please contact Enterasys Networks Technical Services for further assistance, as necessary.

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