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Number of Transmit Queues per Port, on a DFE System

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Matrix N-Series DFE

Number of transmit / priority queues per port.

'show cos port-type txq'

The number of transmit/priority queues per port is either 4 or 16 (the 7G4270-10 and 7G4270-12 have 16, and all other module types have 4), and may be displayed for each port of a running system via cli command 'show cos port-type txq'.

For example:

DFE(rw)->show cos port-type txq

Number of resources: Supported rate types:
txq = transmit queue(s) perc = percentage
irl = inbound rate limiter(s) pps = packets per second
orl = outbound rate limiter(s) Kbps = kilobits per second
Mbps = megabits per second
Gbps = gigabits per second
Tbps = terabits per second

Number of
slices /
Port type Number of Supported Eligible Unselected
Index description queues rate type ports ports
----- ------------ --------- --------- ----------------- -----------------
0 DFE-P 16Q 64/16 perc None None

1 DFE-P 4Q 32/4 perc fe.1.1-72; fe.1.1-72;
Kbps fe.2.1-72; fe.2.1-72;
Mbps fe.3.1-72; fe.3.1-72;
Gbps ge.4.1-30; ge.4.1-30;
fe.5.1-48; fe.5.1-48;
ge.5.1-6 ge.5.1-6


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