Perl Module Wrapper for the NetSight Device WebService

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By: Christopher Handwerker, Software Engineer at ENdurance International Groups

I wrote a Perl module that provides an object oriented interface to the NetSight Device WebService. It provides wrapper methods for parsing raw API calls into Perl friendly data structures.

This module is especially helpful if you do any SNMP scripting with the perl SNMP module (based off the Net-SNMP tools). For example the return object of the getSnmp() method can be used to create a new SNMP session object which can then be used to query mibs. I use this for making custom NetSight alarm scripts so that the SNMP credentials always stay up to date.

You can see more documentation and download the module here,

Or use the cpan or cpanm CLI utility to download and install it and automatically resolve dependencies.

If you would like to contribute to the module or build the package from source it is also available on github,

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