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Persistence of Securestack Configurations after a Config Change

  • 7 November 2013
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C5-Series, C3-Series, C2-Series
B5-Series, B3-Series, B2-Series
A4-Series, A2-Series

'save config'
'set snmp persistmode'

Save the configuration
Save to startup
Save active

Changed configuration
Rebooted the switch

Lost configuration
Configuration not being saved

Any entered switch or router configurations are implemented immediately, becoming part of the active configuration.

However, upon completion of configuration changes, an extra step is required in order to save the changes sooner than after up to two minutes on a standalone or master unit or after up to 30 minutes across a stack. If this is not done, then the configuration changes may be lost upon the next SecureStack reboot.

The following information comes from the SecureStack Configuration Guides.

Configuration Persistence Mode

The default state of configuration persistence mode is "auto", which means that when CLI configuration commands are entered, or when a configuration file stored on the switch is executed, the configuration is saved to NVRAM automatically at the following intervals:

  • On a stand-alone unit, the configuration is checked every two minutes and saved if there has been a change.
  • On a stack, the configuration is saved across the stack every 30 minutes if there has been a change.
If you want to save a running configuration to NVRAM more often than the automatic intervals, execute the 'save config' command and wait for the system prompt to return. After the prompt returns, the configuration will be persistent.

You can change the persistence mode from "auto" to "manual" with the 'set snmp persistmode' command. If the persistence mode is set to "manual", configuration commands will not be automatically written to NVRAM. Although the configuration commands will actively modify the running configuration, they will not persist across a reset unless the 'save config' command has been executed.

The 'show snmp persistmode' command may be used to view the current persistence mode setting.

FAD (Functions as Designed).

To avoid possible configuration loss:

  • With persistmode at either setting, issue the 'save config' command (with the C2, requires firmware 2.01.22 or higher), to immediately save the changes to NVRAM;
  • With persistmode at the default "auto" setting, wait at least two full minutes following a configuration change before powering down or resetting the unit/stack;
  • With persistmode at the default "auto" setting, issue the 'reset' command, to immediately save the changes to NVRAM and reset the unit/stack: SecureStack(rw)->reset Are you sure you want to reload the stack? (y/n) y Saving Configuration to stacking members Reloading all switches.[/code]If your intent is to power down the unit/stack rather than resetting it, you may safely power down the unit(s) at any time after the reboot has begun.
It is always a good idea to save a backup copy of your current configuration (5533).

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