Power, BTU, & MTBF Information for the D-Series

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Solution Product Description Amps Volt-Amps Pwr Watts BTU/hr MTBF hrs
@110V Factor

D2G124-12 12 Port Gig .23 27.32 .915 25.00 85 105,347
D2G124-12P 12 Port Gig PoE 1.19 130.39 .997 130.00 108 82,532
D2-PWR non-POE p/s 130.00 25 250,939
D2-PWR-POE POE client p/s 145.00 50 195,130[/code]
The D2G124-12P can provide up to 100W of PoE power.

As additional information is made available, it will be added to this document.

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  • Installation Guides/Product Datasheets Note: What is stated in Product Datasheets are typical usage numbers that should be used when sizing HVAC, Power, and UPS for switch infrastructure. In the event that information sources disagree, for the stated purpose this document should be given preference over an Installation Guide, which should be given preference over the MTBF Page, which should be given preference over a Datasheet.

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