Procedure for Clearing RMON counters

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Clear RMON Counters

It is possible to clear RMON on these devices without resetting the devices or clearing NVRAM.

There are two ways to do this depending on the type of device that is being used.

1. Devices that use the Container MIB. These would include 9X4xx, SmartSwitch 6000, etc. Check firmware release notes to verify.
2. Devices that use the Chassis MIB. These would include EMME, MicroMMAC, etc. Check firmware release notes to verify.
Note: Newer products do not support either of these MIBs, and have no equivalent MIB function. These would include N-Series DFE (5434), A2, B2, C1, C2, E1, V2, etc. Check firmware release notes to verify.

For a device that supports the Container MIB you can use the following procedure:

1. You will need a MIB browser to set/get MIB information.
2. Open the MIB browser on the device in question.
3. Do a find on

4. Query this object. You will get a response similar to:Object Instance Type Value
contLogicalEntryName 20400 OCTET STRING Transparent Bridge
contLogicalEntryName 20500 OCTET STRING IP Services
contLogicalEntryName 20600 OCTET STRING RMON Default
contLogicalEntryName 20800 OCTET STRING Local Management
contLogicalEntryName 20900 OCTET STRING Host Services
contLogicalEntryName 21200 OCTET STRING Mib Navigator
contLogicalEntryName 21300 OCTET STRING RMON Host
contLogicalEntryName 21400 OCTET STRING RMON Capture
contLogicalEntryName 21800 OCTET STRING Module MGR
contLogicalEntryName 22100 OCTET STRING WebView
contLogicalEntryName 22200 OCTET STRING IEEE 802.1Q VLAN
contLogicalEntryName 22400 OCTET STRING Traffic Generator
contLogicalEntryName 22500 OCTET STRING Alias/Node (DMS)
contLogicalEntryName 22600 OCTET STRING Telnet
contLogicalEntryName 22700 OCTET STRING Radius Client
contLogicalEntryName 22800 OCTET STRING Port Authentication
contLogicalEntryName 22900 OCTET STRING Dot1X
contLogicalEntryName 23000 OCTET STRING MAC Locking
contLogicalEntryName 23100 OCTET STRING Link Aggregation
contLogicalEntryName 23200 OCTET STRING MAC Authentication[/code]5. Make note of the instances where the Value includes RMON. In this case instances 20600, 21300 and 21400.

RMON Default includes the following groups:
History, Statistics, Alarm and Events

RMON Host includes the following groups:
Host, HostTopN and Matrix

RMON Capture includes the following groups:
Packet Capture and Filter

6. You will now need to query the following OID to enable/disable RMON:
Object Instance Type Value
contLogicalEntryAdminStatus 20400 INTEGER disable ( 7 )
contLogicalEntryAdminStatus 20500 INTEGER enable ( 3 )
contLogicalEntryAdminStatus 20600 INTEGER enable ( 3 )
contLogicalEntryAdminStatus 20800 INTEGER enable ( 3 )
contLogicalEntryAdminStatus 20900 INTEGER enable ( 3 )
contLogicalEntryAdminStatus 21200 INTEGER enable ( 3 )
contLogicalEntryAdminStatus 21300 INTEGER disable ( 7 )
contLogicalEntryAdminStatus 21400 INTEGER disable ( 7 )
contLogicalEntryAdminStatus 21800 INTEGER enable ( 3 )
contLogicalEntryAdminStatus 22100 INTEGER enable ( 3 )
contLogicalEntryAdminStatus 22200 INTEGER enable ( 3 )
contLogicalEntryAdminStatus 22400 INTEGER disable ( 7 )
contLogicalEntryAdminStatus 22500 INTEGER enable ( 3 )
contLogicalEntryAdminStatus 22600 INTEGER enable ( 3 )
contLogicalEntryAdminStatus 22700 INTEGER enable ( 3 )
contLogicalEntryAdminStatus 22800 INTEGER enable ( 3 )
contLogicalEntryAdminStatus 22900 INTEGER enable ( 3 )
contLogicalEntryAdminStatus 23000 INTEGER enable ( 3 )
contLogicalEntryAdminStatus 23100 INTEGER disable ( 7 )
contLogicalEntryAdminStatus 23200 INTEGER enable ( 3 )[/code]7. Note that the instances for this object are the same as the previous OID. Instance 20600, 21300 and 21400 were for RMON. This OID can be set to the following values:

3 -- Enable
7 -- Disable
9 -- Reset

8. Set the instance associated with the RMON groups that you want to reset to 9. Please note that it may look like the set failed because a query of this object will never return a 9 value. The RMON counters for those groups should now be cleared.

Please note also that if the group was enable before the reset it will still be enabled after the reset (same is true for a disabled group).

For a device that supports the Chassis MIB you can use the following procedure:

1. Use the same procedure as above. This time you will want to use the following OIDs:chCompName=
chCompAdminStatus=[/code]2. To reset the counters this time, you will need to first disable and then re-enable the groups in question. The following values can be used for this set:

3 -- Enable
7 -- Disable

Unlike the previous procedure when setting the value to a 9, these values (3 or 7) will result in a successful set.

A restriction regarding clearing Port statistics is explained in 5240.

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