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Proper Removal/Replacement of DFE N-series Modules

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Matrix N-Series

Power down a DFE module
Remove a DFE module from chassis
Install a DFE module into a slot
Swap DFE module slots for troubleshooting
Recommended procedure to remove a DFE blade from a chassis
Recommended power down procedure o a DFE blade
Recommended shutdown procedure of a DFE module using the reset button
Hot swap



To remove an N-Series (DFE) module from a running N3, N7, or E7 chassis, please use the following procedure:
  1. Press (for one second) and release the reset button. The module's CPU LED will flash green/amber/green.[list]
Note: If the reset button is instead pressed for six or more seconds, the module resets without a shutdown.
  • Wait for the LED to blink amber/off/amber. This may take from 15-45 seconds.
  • The module is now safe to remove by unseating the two blue locking tabs. If the module is not removed within 60 seconds, it will proceed through a normal bootup sequence.
  • Throughout this process, the remaining DFE modules in the chassis will continue to switch, route, and participate in Spanning Tree without interruption - though there may be an approximately 5-second delay with the management tasks, like CLI and SNMP.[/list]If an N-Series module is removed from the chassis without using this process, the distributed operating system will need to re-synchronize and process the unexpected change to the system fabric. This includes properly removing the traffic/flows from the removed module. Switching, routing, and STP functions within the chassis could be suspended for up to 30 seconds during this re-synchronization step. However, a chassis reboot/restart will not take place.

    Caution! Router instances are configured slot-specifically. If you remove a module which is hosting a router instance, that router will be inoperative while the slot is vacant. If you are using active routing protocols (such as OSPF or RIP) and have configured virtual gateways using VRRP, this should permit a backup router to take over the routing function while this router is inoperative. The backup router may be located in another slot in this chassis, or may be external to this chassis.

    Installation / Replacement

    To replace, into the same chassis, with any N-Series module of the same type having the same installed uplink state, insert the new module and seat the two blue locking tabs. It will fully boot up and join the DFE system after automatically downloading and implementing the running DFE system firmware and configurations.

    Caution! Swapping of hardware using any other scenario than what is described in the above paragraph will likely result in loss of slot-specific configurations. Prior to swapping hardware, please review the possibilities and safeguards discussed in 5037.
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