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S/N/K-Series 10G Ports may not support Auto-negotiation Changes

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Matrix N-Series DFE

Issued the 'set port negotiation...' command in order to modify the local auto-negotiation state, or issued one of the 'set port advertise...' or 'clear port advertise...' (13285) commands in order to adjust feature advertisement to the attached peer port.

10-gigabit ports tend to respond to such commands with an error message; for example:S1 Chassis(su)->set port negotiation tg.1.1 disable
tg.1.1 does not support specified feature.
S1 Chassis(su)->clear port advertise tg.1.1 bpause
failed to get ifMauAutoNegCapAdvertisedBits on port tg.1.1.
tg.1.1 failed to be set.
S1 Chassis(su)->[/code]Cause
Of 10-gigabit port media types (9852), only a RJ45 "10GBase-T" connection supports auto-negotiation disablement/re-enablement or adjustment of auto-negotiation advertisement.

Any other 10G port type - whether copper or fiber - supports neither of these and will generate error messaging, the meaning of which may or may not be clear.

Functions as Designed (FAD).

Workaround: In the case of a desired advertisement change, if the attached peer device supports the operation then make the change there. The auto-negotiated result will be the highest functionality that the two attached ports are advertised to support.

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