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S/N/K-Series cannot Delete or Disable the 'admin' Account

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Matrix N-Series DFE

Unable to delete or disable the 'admin' account.

When trying to delete or disable the admin account on the local system, the commands fail; for example: S4 Chassis(su)->clear system login admin
Could not delete user: admin
S4 Chassis(su)->set system login admin super-user disable
Set was unsuccessful.
S4 Chassis(su)->[/code]Solution/Workaround
Upgrade to firmware or higher.

The default admin account may manually be disabled after replacing it, as follows:
set system login <my_super_user> super-user enable
set system lockout emergency-access <my_super_user>
set system login admin super-user disable

The 'show system lockout' command output now includes the line...
Account for emergency-access on the console: <account>
Here, the identified account would be <my_super_user>.

Pre-upgrade workaround:
Use radius authentication, as (regardless of firmware version) this will take precedence as long as the server is reachable.

See also: 10316 regarding setting a password on the new account.

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