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S-Series / 7.x defining a VTAP interface

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7.x firmware

vtap: A MIBII interface for vlans created, used for collecting MIBII stats through SMON on that particular vlan.

Previous versions of N-Series firmware used the nomenclature of a vlan.0.x after creating a vlan interface using the below example.set vlan interface 1 create
set vlan interface 2 create[/code]The new firmware that runs on the S-Series will use a different concept for the SMON based VLAN port.
The new port is called VTAP.0.x and for the most part is the same as the previous command.

To create the SMON interface; first the above vlan interface must be created, then followed by the below SMON commands.set smon vlan create vtap.0.1
set smon vlan create vtap.0.2[/code]To view the output of the VLAN related statistics for this command, the following command can show the output.

show smon vlan (note there are no ports currently in VLAN 2, hence there are no counters displayed)Show VLAN Statistics
Show VLAN Statistics
Interface = vtap.0.1
Owner = none
Creation = 5 days 17 hours 56 minutes 40 seconds
Status = enabled

VLAN 1 Packets Octets
Total 195 13137
Overflow 0 0
NonUnicast 195 13137
NonUnicast Overflow 0 0

Interface = vtap.0.2
Owner = none
Creation = 5 days 17 hours 57 minutes 58 seconds
Status = enabled

VLAN 2 Packets Octets
Total 0 0
Overflow 0 0
NonUnicast 0 0
NonUnicast Overflow 0 0[/code]

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