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S-Series Base/Option Module Compatibility

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S-Series Switch/Router Base Modules...
SG4101-0248, SG1201-0848, SG1201-0848-F6, SG5201-0848-F6
SK1008-0816, SK1208-0808-F6, SK5208-0808-F6
ST1206-0848, ST1206-0848-F6, ST4106-0248, ST4106-0348-F6, ST5206-0848-F6

S-Series Option modules (NEMs)...
SOK1208-0102, SOK1208-0104, SOK1208-0204

Installed NEM does not function consistently or well.

With firmware and lower, no incompatibility warning is given.

With firmware and higher, during the Power On Self Test (POST) process for each NEM the system may generate an incompatibility warning; for example:<163>Aug 18 10:06:02 System[x]The Option Module(s) that are
installed on the Base Module (Blade) in Slot x are not compatible. This
incompatibility may result in unreliable operation of modules in this
slot. Please contact Technical Support for assistance.[/code]
Early in the product life cycle for the S-Series product line, Enterasys processed a design change for S-Series blades and option modules.

This change created a potential incompatibility between base modules and option modules. Care must be taken to not assemble old base modules with new option modules and vice versa. While a non-compatible assembly may initially appear to operate properly, continued use can result in damage to either module in the assembly. and higher firmware includes a compatibility check that will display an error to the user if the modules in the assembly are not compatible, and the user is asked to contact Technical Support for assistance.

Note that versions through do not properly identify certain modules manufactured after the cutover (13793). If this firmware is unable to perform the compatibility check it reports an "Unexpected part Number" error and aborts the compatibility check. Fw versions and higher always properly check compatibility.

Please see the attached compatibility notice that is now shipping with all S-Series modules.

If your system has generated the above-stated error message and/or your equipment is in violation of the compatibility notice, please contact the GTAC for assistance.

The Enterasys Global Technical Services team is trained to look for this incompatibility issue as soon as a replacement contact is made to our call centers worldwide. This helps mitigate issues and future frustration.

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