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S-Series Halts with "SPI4 error FAP21V_SPI_B_SOURCE_FRM_ERROR" in Log

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Module generates a "SPI4 error FAP21V_SPI_B_SOURCE_FRM_ERROR" message in the Fault Log ('show support'), then initiates a halt.

For example:==============================================================================
Message 14/129 Shutdown 08/06/2011 13:04:35

Initiated - Halt
Shutdown process is starting.

Message 15/129 Syslog Message 08/06/2011 13:04:35
<3>System[1]This device has encountered a hardware failure. NIM 0 has p
owered down. Please contact Support for a possible repair/replacement.

Message 16/129 Syslog Message 08/06/2011 13:04:35
<3>Dune[1.dTcmTask]FAP 0, slot 1 detects a SPI4 error FAP21V_SPI_B_SOURC
E_FRM_ERROR(1) (reg=0x0000000a)[/code]Solution/Workaround
Please contact the GTAC for assistance.

Workaround: To restart a halted module, deinsert/reinsert it within its slot.

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