S-Series has "bcmStrat[x.bcmDPC]unit 0 (null) asserted" errors

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Syslog and the Message Log ('show support') contain one or more items similar to this:<3>bcmStrat[2.bcmDPC]unit 0 (null) asserted[/code]
This may also be related to a condition causing high CPU utilization primarily from the Hardware Maintenance task (12846).

Upgrade to firmware or higher.
Release notes state, in the 'Firmware Changes and Enhancements' section:
If ports are receiving traffic while their MAC chip is being initialized the MAC may mishandle these packets and cause errors similar to "1. Fuji RX MAIN intr: Fuji=8, Adr=0, Reg=0x00200040", "2. Fuji MAC MAIN intr: Fuji=0, Adr=0, Reg=0x00080000", "3. MEM_FAIL interrupt occurred on chip" (which resets blade), or one of several bcmstrat memory system parity errors sometimes reported as "bcmStrat[3.bcmDPC]unit 0 (null) asserted ". The "parity" and "null" messages are displayed constantly and result in high CPU utilization.

If the issue persists after upgrade, please contact the GTAC for assistance.

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