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SecureStack C2 cannot be Successfully Upgraded to f/w when Running f/w 5.00.xx

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SecureStack C2

Attempted to TFTP or Xmodem upgrade from firmware 5.00.28, 5.00.59, 5.00.75, or 5.00.79; directly to or higher.
Attempted to upgrade from an earlier 5.x firmware version to a later 5.x firmware version.

TFTP or Xmodem transfer of image successfully starts and proceeds to apparent 100% file transfer.
The upgrade process fails with an error message: "file transfer failed".

Later firmware versions are better at managing available flash memory, for upgrade purposes.

First upgrade to version, then reboot onto it, then upgrade to the final desired firmware version.

Note that this is not a common issue, and is in general not expected to occur, but has been reported more than once.
The general recommendation is to only invoke the above-stated two-stage upgrade remedy if the stated symptoms are actually encountered.

See also: 5605.

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