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SecureStack C2 Unit changed position in a Stack

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Matrix C2
SecureStack C2

Stack unit changed position in stack.
SecureStack switch lost stack unit number.
Securestack switch lost port configurations.
'show switch'

Upgrade to firmware 3.01.94 or higher.

Release notes state, in the 'Firmware Changes and Enhancements" section:
In previous versions a condition could occur in which a unit could leave and rejoin the stack, this has been corrected.

Otherwise, contact Enterasys Networks Technical Services for assistance.


To change the incorrect unit# (x_switch#) back to the original unit# (y_switch#) if the original unit# is still available - typically the case in these situations:

set switch renumber [/code]
To swap two unit numbers (x_switch# and y_switch#) if both unit#s currently have a physical switch present and assigned to it, requires the use of an unused unit# (z_switch#):

set switch renumber
set switch renumber
set switch renumber [/code]
Either method should correct the errant logical vs physical slot.port mappings that were skewed when the accidental renumbering occurred.

A 'show switch' command may be used before/during/after the numbering correction process, to review the current stack numbering setup.
Also be aware of what is explained in 10749.

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