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SecureStack Conversion from MIB2 to Conventional Port Numbering

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SecureStack C3, C2, B3, B2, A2

Some log messages, for example as outlined in 10798 and 12786, make reference to port numbers within the range of 1 to 423. This document explains how to convert from that number to a unit/port number, then to a full conventional port number in "<type>.<unit#>.<port#>" format.

The given port number refers to the originating MIB2 Interface. The associated physical port may be determined by means of a fairly simple conversion, as explained below.

52 MIB2 interfaces are allocated to each of the possible eight Stack units, plus six are allocated to the LAGs.

That is:
  • Interfaces 001-052 are assigned to Unit 1.
  • Interfaces 053-104 are assigned to Unit 2.
  • Interfaces 105-156 are assigned to Unit 3.
  • Interfaces 157-208 are assigned to Unit 4.
  • Interfaces 209-260 are assigned to Unit 5.
  • Interfaces 261-312 are assigned to Unit 6.
  • Interfaces 313-364 are assigned to Unit 7.
  • Interfaces 365-416 are assigned to Unit 8.
  • Interfaces 418-423 are assigned to the LAG aggregators.
For example; based on the above list, port 160 is the fourth port on unit 4.
To confirm this (and resolve to the conventional port number), use the 'show port counters' command:
B3(su)->show port counters *.4.4

Port : ge.4.4 MIB2 Interface: 160 Bridge Port : 4
No counter discontinuity time

MIB2 Interface Counters
In Octets 10367
In Unicast Pkts 45
In Multicast Pkts 6
In Broadcast Pkts 32
In Discards 0
In Errors 0
Out Octets 233365668
Out Unicast Pkts 171184
Out Multicast Pkts 2448
Out Broadcast Pkts 129
Out Errors 0

802.1Q Switch Counters
Frames Received 83
Frames Transmitted 173761


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