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SecureStack DHCP Server fails to Reserve IP Address Based on MAC Address

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SecureStack C3; firmware,
SecureStack C2; firmware,
SecureStack B3; firmware,
SecureStack B2; firmware,
SecureStack A2; firmware,,,, 1.04.12, 1.03.24

Configured a static binding of a DHCP IP address and user MAC address, using a set of DHCP commands associated with a 'set dhcp pool <pool_name> hardware-address <MAC_address>' command (7724).

The static assignment is ignored by the switch.
The client gets an IP address from the pool rather than the one statically specified for its MAC address.

Upgrade to firmware version:
SecureStack C3 firmware version or higher.
SecureStack C2 firmware version or higher.
SecureStack B3 firmware version or higher.
SecureStack B2 firmware version or higher.
SecureStack A2 firmware version or higher.

You will also need to modify your configuration to use the client-identifier option instead of the hardware-address option.

set dhcp enable
set dhcp pool auto
set dhcp pool auto network
set dhcp pool static
set dhcp pool static client-identifier 01:00:00:1d:01:23:45
set dhcp pool static host[/code]
The client-identifier is 01 for ethernet followed by a colon and then the MAC address with no spaces in between.
Note: The client-identifier is 7 octets in length.

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