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SecureStack/G-Series 'set dhcpsnooping vlan' does not check for VLAN Creation

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SecureStack C3, firmware through
SecureStack C2, firmware and higher
SecureStack B3, firmware through
SecureStack B2, firmware and higher
G-Series, firmware through

Configuring DHCP Snooping ('set dhcpsnooping...').
Issued the 'set dhcpsnooping vlan <ID_string> enable' command (12008) to enable DHCP Snooping on a VLAN or range of VLANs.
One or more of the specified VLANs does not exist.

The command is accepted with no error message issued, and is placed into the configuration.

For the C3, upgrade to firmware or higher.
For the B3, upgrade to firmware or higher.
For the G-Series, upgrade to firmware or higher.

The new error message is: "Vlan number <ID> does not exist on this device."

For the C2, no functionality change is expected.
For the B2, no functionality change is expected.

Pre-upgrade workaround:
Use the 'show vlan <ID>' command to ensure that any referenced VLANs have been created either statically (via CLI) or dynamically (via GVRP or Policy).

Upon seeing the error message or otherwise determining that the VLAN does not exist in any form, use the 'set vlan create <ID>' command to statically create it.

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