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SecureStack Reboot Loop After a Back-Rev to Older Firmware

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SecureStack B2, B3, C2, C3

SecureStack is in a constant reboot mode after downloading an image that is older than what was previously in use.

The older image can not read the configuration files that are in a compression format that is not understood by the older code.
The compression of files changed at the following code releases:

For example, on the B2 series back-revving between codes 04.00.79 .78 .77 and .76 creates no issue. Back-rev to .70 and earlier versions and the B2 will go into a constant reboot.

This is accomplished by locally attaching to the SecureStack and selecting option 2 'Start Boot Menu' during the boot process.
When the two options appear, there is only a 2 second delay before the switch defaults to option 1 for 'Start Operational Code'.
The Boot Menu password is "administrator" in lower case.
The Start Boot Menu will have multiple options to select depending on the firmware.
Look for 'Restore Configuration to Factory Defaults'. Which is usually option 9
Type 9 and then hit the enter key
'Reset the system'. Which is usually option 8
Type 8 and hit the enter key and Y when asked if you are sure you want to reboot.
The device will now reboot to a clean configuration.

See 9687 for complete process to Back-Rev.

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