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SecureStack Reset with Fault(0x00001x00) and BackTraces in current.log

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SecureStack C3, C2, B3, B2, A2

The "Fault(0x00001x00)" diagnostics are the occasional result of a reset event, as may be seen in the output of a 'show support' or in a current.log file (5487):

  • A Fault(0x00001000) is caused by an attempt to execute invalid machine instructions.
  • A Fault(0x00001100) is caused when the effective address for a data load operation cannot be translated to a value within legal DRAM boundaries. This is due to stack/register or data corruption, as a result of a bad pointer or something over-running an array or buffer.
  • A Fault(0x00001200) is caused by a write exception.
With firmware released prior to 2007 (C3 f/w 1.00.37 and lower, C2 f/w 4.00.55 and lower, B3 f/w 1.00.31 and lower, B2 f/w 3.01.27 and lower, A2 f/w 1.03.24 and lower) that is the only level of diagnostic detail available, making it difficult to glean anything more from such a reset event.

However, with firmware released since then (C3 f/w 1.00.40 and higher, C2 f/w 5.00.28 and higher, B3 f/w 1.00.34 and higher, B2 f/w 4.00.22 and higher, A2 f/w 1.04.12 and higher), any given reset event, whether containing these Faults or not, is accompanied by more diagnostically useful BackTrace data, which appears as in this example:<57> NOV 29 10:11:11 2007 STK1 BOOT[268430848]: bootos.c(640) 295 %%
Start of Code - Build:05.00.28 Date:Tue Dec 26 09:07:37 2006
: (
) +
. . .
: (
) +
BackTrace-symbol not found for 0x0
<110> NOV 29 10:11:31 2007 STK1 BOOT[185147968]: edb_bxs.c(736) 300 %%
Last switch reset caused by Fault(0x00001100) SRR0(0x006a78e4) SRR1(0x8000b030) MSR(0x00001030) DMISS(0xccccccd8) IMISS(0x00000000)[/code]
BackTrace data is implemented in the current.log only, though it is expected to soon (early 2010) also appear in the '
show support
' output for the manager unit only. For this reason it is frequently helpful to review the current.log in order to make a diagnosis on a reset event.

After retrieving both the '
show support
' and current.log data (5487), please contact the GTAC for assistance in analyzing and resolving the problem.

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