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SecureStack's Permanent License is Expired

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SecureStack C3, firmware 1.00.80 through
SecureStack C2, firmware 5.00.59 through
SecureStack B3, firmware 1.00.74 through
SecureStack B2, firmware 4.00.60 through

SecureStack unit will not pass traffic.
A 'show port status' indicates the unit's ports have an Oper Status of "Detach" (5876).
A 'show switch' indicates the unit has a Switch Status of "ConfigMismatch" (5876).
A 'show license' indicates the unit's configured license (5834) has a status of "Expired".

Here is an example of an expired B2 Policy license:

B2(su)->show license
unit 1
key: INCREMENT B2Policy 2006.1120 permanent 92D371D46557 06332088605A
status: Active
unit 2
key: INCREMENT B2Policy 2006.1120 permanent DD5A21D246A9 06332078965A
status: Expired
unit 3
key: INCREMENT B2Policy 2006.1120 permanent B7070CC61829 06332087505A
status: Active
unit 4
key: INCREMENT B2Policy 2006.1120 permanent 0CD8DD924A09 06332058305A
status: Active
This issue could potentially affect any of the SecureStack Licenses : C3L3-LIC, C3IPV6-LIC, C2L3-LIC, B3POL-LIC(xx), B2POL-LIC(xx).

It has nothing to do with the hosting or rehosting of licenses to serial numbers, but instead is due to the incorrect treatment of some permanent licenses sometime after being applied to the SecureStack configuration.

For the C3, upgrade to firmware or higher.
For the C2, upgrade to firmware or higher.
For the B3, upgrade to firmware or higher.
For the B2, upgrade to firmware or higher.

Release notes state, in the "Firmware Changes and Enhancements" section:
"Corrected an issue where permanent licenses were incorrectly detected as having expired."

The fix prevents the permanent license from falsely expiring. However, if the license has been expired while running pre-fix firmware, even after upgrade it will be necessary to perform the "Pre-upgrade workaround" procedure explained below, in order to recover the license.

Pre-upgrade workaround:
Within the SecureStack configuration, clear and then reinstall the falsely expired license. An example of how to do this for B2 Policy licensing is provided in 5781. The commands are similar for the other license types, differing only in the specific <feature> keyword.

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