set speed and duplex command

I'm looking for the command to set the speed and duplex on an Enterasys port (100mbps full and 1gbps full) does anyone know the syntax and/or able to give me an example or point me to a good resource? Thanks in advance

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Hi Justin, I believe these are the commands you're looking for:

set port duplex ge.1.48 full

set port duplex ge.1.48 half

set port speed ge.1.48 1000

set port speed ge.1.48 100
Perfect. Thanks Tyler.
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If you wanted to hard set a port to 100 meg full duplex you would issue the following 3 commands:

set port speed ge.1.1 100
set port duplex ge.1.1 full
set port negotiation ge.1.1 disable
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Go with Caution.
For 1000BASE-T auto-negotiation are mandatory.

Autonegotiation is the Requirement for Using 1000BASE-T [9] according to Section 28D.5 Extensions required for Clause40 (1000BASE-T). [10]