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set speed and duplex command

  • 27 March 2014
  • 4 replies

I'm looking for the command to set the speed and duplex on an Enterasys port (100mbps full and 1gbps full) does anyone know the syntax and/or able to give me an example or point me to a good resource? Thanks in advance

4 replies

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Hi Justin, I believe these are the commands you're looking for:

set port duplex ge.1.48 full

set port duplex ge.1.48 half

set port speed ge.1.48 1000

set port speed ge.1.48 100

Perfect. Thanks Tyler.
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If you wanted to hard set a port to 100 meg full duplex you would issue the following 3 commands:

set port speed ge.1.1 100
set port duplex ge.1.1 full
set port negotiation ge.1.1 disable

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Go with Caution.
For 1000BASE-T auto-negotiation are mandatory.

From: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gigabit_Ethernet
Autonegotiation is the Requirement for Using 1000BASE-T [9] according to Section 28D.5 Extensions required for Clause40 (1000BASE-T). [10]