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Some non-default Diffserv values not appearing in SecureStack B2 Config

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Article ID: 5847

SecureStack B2
Firmware 3.01.27 and lower
SecureStack A2
Firmware 1.03.24 and lower


Diffserv value does not appear in the config
Diffserv error upon activation of saved configuration
'set diffserv'
'show config'

Certain non-default diffserv values used in the commands 'set diffserv policy action conform markprec', 'set diffserv policy police action conform', and 'set diffserv class match cos' (5848) are accepted and implemented but then are not displayed in the output of a 'show config' command.

Then, offloading and reloading the affected config (5623) results in a cli error due to the presence of an incomplete command.

For the B2, upgrade to firmware 4.00.22 or higher.
For the A2, upgrade to firmware 1.04.12 or higher.

Pre-upgrade workarounds:
  • After configuration, any missing parameters may be viewed by issuing the relevant 'show diffserv...' command.
  • After booting onto a problematic configuration file, any missing parameters are not retrievable. Replace any errored command by retyping the original full command.

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