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Special Upgrade Instructions for DFE Firmware Upgrade from pre-5.x to 5.01.58+

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Firmware 5.01.58 and higher

Upgraded DFE from pre-5.x to firmware 5.01.58+

Lost configuration

The following instructions are paraphrased from firmware 5.01.58 release notes, in the Installation Information section:
Important Upgrade Information:

Version 5.01.58 and subsequent versions utilize a new internal "binary"
format for storing configurations. Version 5.01.58 or newer firmware will
clear an internal configuration that was written in the older format. To
avoid loss of configuration during an upgrade you must take specific
steps to create and restore an ASCII configuration file.

To upgrade using the CLI:
* You must first install and run version 4.21.11 or higher. These
versions provide a necessary option to the set boot system command.
* Save your configuration to an ASCII file - "show config outfile
* Download, but do not boot the 5.01.xx firmware. (booting the 5.01.xx
firmware at this point would result in the configuration being set to
* Tell the system to run the 5.01.xx firmware the next time it boots by
issuing the "set boot system [i]" and choose the don't
reset option.
* Issue the "config " which will reset the system,
boot 5.01.xx and restore the configuration.

[/code]As "version 4.21.11 or higher", use 4.21.11 or 4.21.12. Get either here, noting that f/w 4.21.xx are patches.
General upgrade procedures are explained in 5040.
Configuration file manipulation is explained in 5035.
To upgrade using the NetSight suite:
* Use the "Inventory manager" to gather configurations for each chassis
requiring upgrade.
* Then use the Atlas Console firmware upgrade tool to download the
5.01.xx firmware - you must not select the reset after download option.
Resetting at this point will result in the system reverting to a default
configuration (no IP address etc) and loss of contact.
* Use the "Inventory manager" application to push the configuration back
onto the system. This will result in the system resetting, booting
5.01.xx and restoring the pushed configuration.

[/code]This rule only applies to firmware upgrades initiated by a user to a running DFE System, rather than upgrades initiated by a running DFE System to a newly-inserted module (5036, 5131).

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