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Special Upgrade Instructions for DFE Firmware Upgrade from pre-7.x to

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Matrix N-Series DFE
Firmware and higher

Upgraded DFE from pre-7.x to firmware.

Lost configuration.

Before upgrading, please review the 7.x firmware background information in 'Transitioning to Firmware v7.0'.

Version and subsequent versions utilize a new internal "binary" format for storing configurations. In addition, some of the CLI command structure has changed.

Version or newer firmware will clear an internal configuration that was written in the older format. To avoid loss of configuration during an upgrade you must take specific steps to create and restore an ASCII configuration file, which also automatically converts the previous command syntax to the new syntax. Simply upgrading the firmware will not perform this set of important tasks.

Here is the recommended procedure for upgrading from pre-7.x to firmware:
  1. Install and run 6.x version or higher (9430).[list]
Note: Get both 6.x and 7.x firmware here: Diamond / Platinum / Gold.
  • Issue the 'show config outfile <slotx/myconfig>' command (where x is the chassis destination slot number); which will locally save your configuration to an ASCII file located on the slot x module.
  • Download, but do not boot, the 7.11.xx.xxxx firmware.
  • Issue the 'set boot system <imagefilename>' command, then choose the "don't reset" option:This command can optionally reset the system to boot the new image.
    Do you want to reset now (y/n) [n]?n[/code]
  • Issue the 'config <slotx/myconfig>' command (where x is the chassis source slot number from step 2); which will reset the system, boot onto 7.11.xx.xxxx firmware, and restore the configuration from the ASCII file located on the slot xmodule.[/list]General upgrade procedures are explained in 5040.
    Configuration file manipulation is explained in 5035.
    See also: 14481.
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