Stack Failure traps on the SecureStack products

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SecureStack C3, all firmware
SecureStack C2, firmware 3.02.30 and higher
SecureStack B3, all firmware
SecureStack B2, firmware 3.01.16 and higher
SecureStack A2, firmware 1.03.17 and higher

With earlier firmware (prior to what is shown above), the SecureStack products support traps of type "
", to report when a stack member has dropped from or joined to the stack. The trap does not distinguish between the two actions.

With later firmware (as shown above), and as stated in release notes in the '
Firmware Changes and Enhancements
' section:
Support has been added for the ctEntStateOperEnabled and ctEntStateOperDisabled traps. These traps announce if a unit has dropped from the stack due to a failure or if a unit has joined to the stack.

Note that for the SecureStack products, Trap/Notify actions by default use the read-write community name, rather than the more typical read-only community name.

See also: 10381.

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