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Suggestions for NetFlow Collector implementation

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What can be used as a NetFlow information collector?

NetFlow is the collection of network packet flow data for subsequent analysis by network administrators. The above-stated products support NetFlow data transmission, summarizing the information and at regular intervals sending it over the network to a "collector" - a dedicated device or software application - to crunch the data and generate various reports.

This document briefly discusses what may serve the NetFlow Collector role.

The Netflow Feature Guide (12336) simply states:
Choose a collector and Dragon Security Command Console (DSCC) or third-party management application(s) best suited for the purpose you are collecting the data. Install the application(s) on the NetFlow collector server.

The Enterasys Dragon and Dragon Security Command Console (DSCC) products provide a collection/analysis service.

You may also use any of a number of third-party software applications installed on a local PC or server, as may be viewed from the result-set of a web browse for "netflow collector". We have had good results with Scrutinizer, by Plixer. This may be downloaded and used as freeware, as long as you're not seeking to use the Flow Analytics feature set.

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