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Summary of N-Series 7G-6MGBIC(-A/B) Hardware Models

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Matrix N-Series DFE

The 7G-6MGBIC, 7G-6MGBIC-A, and 7G-6MGBIC-B are variations on an N-Series Network Expansion Module (NEM) with six 1000Base-X mini-GBIC slots.

Here is a pocket summary of the applicability of these three models:
  • 7G-6MGBIC (firmware 1.07.23 and higher)[list]
Original release. [/code]
  • 7G-6MGBIC-A (firmware 4.05.07 and higher)
      The earlier version does not operate with the 7G4280-19, 7G4282-41, or 4G4282-41; whereas the 7G-6MGBIC-A operates with all host modules (5352). [/code]
    • 7G-6MGBIC-B (firmware 5.41.25 and higher)
        The earlier versions do not support the MGBIC-LC04/LC05 100Base-X fiber uplink module, whereas the 7G-6MGBIC-B does support 100Mb uplinks (11788).[/list]To visually differentiate between these three uplink models, the 7G-6MGBIC has no identification printed on the front faceplate, but the 7G-6MGBIC-A and 7G-6MGBIC-B are clearly marked with their part numbers. The output of a 'show system hardware' query will also clearly differentiate between the three uplink model numbers (5352).

        The serial number of a 7G-6MGBIC(-x) may be found as 16 digits on the white sticker located on the circuit board (11334).
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