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Upgrading DFE to v6.01.01.0020+ Deletes Part of Routing Configuration

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DFE, firmware 6.x and higher

Configured one or more router instances using firmware through 5.x.
Upgraded to firmware 6.x or higher.

Lost some router configurations.

Using firmware prior to, for local router redundancy within the DFE system it is necessary to configure two local router instances, with each instance corresponding to a unique slot number. For instance, a defined 'router 1' operates out of the slot 1 blade (master of the slot 1 routing task), minimally requiring that blade to be operational in order for the router instance to be "up".

Firmware and higher automatically provides router redundancy without having to configure a second router instance. As a result it does not support the configuration of two routers; so if a router is upgraded from a prior firmware that has multiple routers configured, only the lowest router instance will be maintained unchanged after the upgrade. This means that all interfaces and other router configuration on higher router instances will be deleted.

Non-symmertical router configurations are at high risk for failure as half the interfaces will be eliminated if not reconfigured properly as part of the upgrade process.

Functions as Designed (FAD)

Prior to such an upgrade, the configuration should be adjusted (VRRP configurations removed, etc) so that it only defines one router with the desired characteristics. If there is only one instance, no pre-configuration is needed.

It is always prudent practice to perform a 'show config outfile slotx/config.cfg' to backup the configuration to flash. This allows one to review the older configuration via the 'show file' command, or to re-launch via the 'configure slotx/config.cfg' command (5035). A saved 5.x configuration should only be re-launched using 5.x firmware, and a saved 6.x configuration should only be re-launched using 6.x firmware.

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