3,000 Members on The Hub!

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Congrats to the Hub Community. We're now 3,000 members strong and growing.

That's one heck of a purple broadcast domain and it's wonderful to see so many members take advantage of on a daily basis. Thank you for your trust in Extreme.

It takes a community to run a modern network -- give a little and get a lot in return.

Thank you!

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Thanks for giving us this platform!
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Our registered member count is now up to 3,500. Half way to 4k.

Only three short months ago we were celebrating the 3,000th member joining the Hub.

Thank you.
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We're closing in on 4,000 members of the Hub now. Only ~150 short of that milestone now.
Just 3 months ago we were sitting at 3,500.

If you know any colleagues that have yet to join us, please encourage them to do so.

To run a modern network, you need a Community of like-minded professionals, full of purple passion to collaborate with. No one can know it all.

Thanks for your trust in Extreme. I'm sure we'll be celebrating 4k members of the Hub very soon.
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Only 40 members to go to 4,000......

It takes a Community to run a modern network. Give a little and get a lot back in return.