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Are there any academic customers willing to share their Enterasys experiences?

We are an existing access layer customer and reviewing wireless options for a school district. Would be interested in communicating with existing academic, wireless customers.

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Hi David, We have Enterasys wired and wireless in our K-12 school. I can't work out how to send you a message directly, but what questions do you have?
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James A wrote:

Hi David, We have Enterasys wired and wireless in our K-12 school. I can't work out how to send you a message directly, but what questions do you have?

Hi James and David,

It is great that you have connected in our community! Might I suggest that you carry on your conversation so everyone can learn from your experiences? I am sure you both have some amazing insights that everyone would love to learn from. Hope to hear from you both very soon!
James - please email me david.hasbany@sau57.org
David, we have been a long time Enterasys customer. We are currently running their wireless controller solution. We have 211 access points deployed that are managed and controlled by 2-5110 controllers that work in an active/active state. We see around a max of 2400 clients connected across our campus network simultaneously. We also integrate the Enterasys NAC solution into our wireless by using the NAC system as a proxy to our freeRadius servers. This allows us to dynamically assign different policies to users based on username or MAC address. We are able to blacklist users based on these credentials as well. We are currently bridging traffic to the controllers, but we are in the process of moving a few remote building to bridge at the AP to keep some traffic on the LAN. Bridging at the controller works great for areas that users will be roaming as they walk in between connected buildings. If you have any other questions, please feel free to email me at Javier.solis@purduecal.edu Here's a snapshot of the oneview wireless dashboard.

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Thanks so much for sharing your comments Javier!

I was just looking for an Enterasys support forum and found this thread. We have 4 Enterasys C4110 controller, ~310 AP36XX/AP37XX access points. We hit a maximum of 4000 concurrent clients connected. We do not use Enterasys NAC, but have their network management system.

And that´s why I am here. I simply cannot find an possibility to get informed about access points, loosing their connection to the wifi controller, although I can ping the access points all the time. Does anyone have an idea how I can get this working within Netsight?
Also, does anyone know when IPv6 support will be possible between the access points and the wifi controller? (local bridged traffic is not a solution for me)

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You can try to create an alarm through the netsight alarm manager for the text of "out of service" for you APs. You can also try lowering the AP Tunnel MTU setting under the AP Static Configuration page. We had to lower this setting for a remote site we have. You can also try to higher the AP poll timeout. If you still have issues, I would recommend to call GTAC. They are the ones who suggested to increase the MTU setting for the remote site AP's.