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I would like/need to change my email address on the portal (, but clicking on the "change email" link in my profile only gets a "404" (

Didn't want to open a TAC case for that... thanks for any pointers!


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Hi Frank,
This is a new one on me, so thanks for letting us know something isn't working right. This is being sent along to the portal team for review right now.
Frank, Thanks for sharing this with us, I will work on getting that 404 fixed - if you need your email changed, that can be a pretty complicated process depending on the circumstances we have to do different things. You can email and tell the full story situation (is it domain change for entire company, was there an acquisition/merger with another company, did you leave the company, and so forth) and then we can get it done properly. I will try to get enough details together to author a knowledge article on this topic.
I am facing the same issue with my email account even I have changed my email address on the portal but when I have clicked on verification link then it will generate a "404" error. If someone wants to AOL Desktop Gold Download then they will contact with AOL Email Service team.