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Community Tips and Guidelines

  • 12 December 2018
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Our Community Guidelines

The Hub is a community of real people who want to collaborate on problems, solutions, and ideas about Extreme's products and services. We invite you to participate and make this community your own, however we do have a few important rules to keep the forum helpful for everyone. For everyone’s sake, we are committed to enforcing these guidelines, as well as inSided’s Terms of Service.
Everyone wants to know you!

People will respect you more, engage with you more often, and treat you like a real person if you use your actual identity here; have the courage to be you. While not mandatory, we think you’ll have a much better online experience when you are yourself and build meaningful relationships.
Win friends and influence people.

The Hub is designed for discovery, direct involvement, and professional growth. Connect with people and discuss your mutual interests, challenges, and successes. Get to know your community members and build a circle of influence. You could become an Embassador!

Be truthful

We’re into transparency, honesty, and truth. Don’t misrepresent yourself or lie about your identity, experiences, or roles. This community is based on the contributions of real people who put their reputations on the line; our own company and its representatives adhere to this standard. We hope you will do the same.

Have (good, clean) fun!

Please, no derogatory language, jokes, or images that come at the expense of others. Be sensitive to other users around you, and, in general, don’t post sexual or violent material. If you aren’t allowed to do it in your place of work, please don’t do it in ours.

Be constructive with your criticism

Professional critics have something to teach us: They foster healthy conversation and debate without ever attacking people personally. Think about that when responding to others, and ask yourself the question: Would you say it to their face?

Spread the wealth

Make our community a richer place by sharing your experience and insight. You may have the perfect answer to someone else’s burning question. This is the substance of The Hub. Please give back to our community and share your ideas, thoughts, and experiences. It makes a wonderful experience for all!

Recognize A+ Contributions

See a great answer? Call it out! Although we can't guarantee the accuracy of each post, we do our best to keep an eye on things.
Contributors will move through the ranks (TBD).

No sell zone!

This is a community, not an opportunity to make a deal. It’s okay to talk up the products or services you love (or sell), but only if it’s relevant to the conversation. If you’re here to plant a ton of links to your web site without doing much else, your posts are likely to be removed by the community manager. Also, no spamming!

Don’t publish copyrighted materials

Make sure you have the right to publish any content you post to The Hub, and don’t violate the privacy of others.

Together, we have the opportunity to make something great that will live on and grow! Please do all you can to support our community and make it great.

Thank you

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