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Concurent use of DC and AC PSUs.

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Hello Guys, I have a general question regarding replaceable internal power supplies used in those Summit series, where both version of PSU are allowed (like X460/X460-G2, X480, X670/X670-G2 - and probably X620). Can I use both: DC PSU and AC PSU at the same time in one switch ? This is the customer's requirement. I've found some information for legacy X650 series here: http://documentation.extremenetworks.com/summit_16/Summit_Family_HW_Install/Power_Supplies/r_summit-replaceable-internal-power-supplies.shtml It says that combining DC and AC supply in the same switch is not allowed, but it doesn't say it's forbidden. Anyone got some idea ? REGARDS, Robert

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update to note about X650: it's not RECOMMENDED to mix both PSU types (I wrote by mistake "is not allowed")
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Hi Robert,
I've never seen this cause a problem. I can't remember the specific Summit model, but we did sell a bundle which included a "mix" of AC and DC PSUs. I believe it was the X670V.
We also have a GTAC Knowledge article stating this is okay to do (except on X650): On a Summit can you mix AC and DC PSUs?

Here's the same page in the Summit Install guide for the newer platforms: http://documentation.extremenetworks.com/summit/Summit_Family_HW_Install/Power_Supplies/r_summit-rep...
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WE have successfully used this scenario as a transition but not as a permanent solution. We have swapped several aggregation nodes where there is no generator option to D/C for longer run times. These were 8900 with MSM 128 , 670 and 670 G2 460 and 460 G2. Most were 15.something code... In same footprint as we had before we went from 90 minutes run time to over 12 hours swapping to D/C..
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Thank You very much guys for Your replies. That is what I wanted to know. Regards !