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Did you attend today's #HUBChat on Twitter? Higher Ed IT specialists shared their insight!

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if so, please feel free to continue the conversation here! Some of the questions: Q1: How is the BYOD and mobile trend affecting your work environment? #HubChat #edu13 Q2: Why are providing online classes so important to the growth and success of students & your school? #HubChat #edu13 Q3: What is the biggest “technology” problem that your students face? #HubChat #edu13 Q4: How is cloud technology affecting life and class on campus? #HubChat #edu13 Q5: What education technologies are students & teachers using more & more that better supports the learning process? #HubChat #edu13 Q6: Does a schools Wi-Fi network and infrastructure performance affect student’s perception of the school? #HubChat #edu13

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