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We have a customer who is requesting a better method to track ESU that are purchased, used, and available. They would also like to be able tell what they have been used for in that part of it. Ideally this should be something that can come from Salesforce, is there a way to expose this to the extranet account or give the customer a limited salesforce account to check the information.

I think they would prefer it in the extranet because that is where they already go and it also means you are paying for an extra salesforce account license.

Ben Parker

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Hi Ben and thanks for asking. I am not entirely sure how this would be accomplished but I think you are correct is saying that this is something best suited for the extranet versus Salesforce directly. I will forward this idea on to our IT department for guidance and we will keep track of it here in the community. If any other partners are also seeing this as something their customers are requesting, please "me too" this post or comment below. Thank you!
Hi Ben - Thank you for the feedback and suggestion. You're right: this is something best served in the Extranet. I haven't heard this request before and it's not something that is currently scheduled to be developed, however, we are in the early planning stages on a next generation of our customer portal and this is something we will consider as part of that. Prior to it being added as a feature in our new portal, we will work with our Education team to best understand how we can deliver an optimal solution. Thank you!