Extranet Downloads page doesn't like Safari

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tabs (Documentation / Software / Media Library) in https://extranet.extremenetworks.com/downloads/Pages/NMS.aspx don't work with Safari 8.0.6.

Everything is fine with Firefox.

Thank you


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I am having a friend of mine with a mac test this to see if we can reproduce it. I checked by using chrome's device simulation (ipad/safari) and the tabs worked ok there but that may not have any 8.0.6 stuff included yet.
My colleague has 7.1.5 and the tabs did not function for him either. I will log a ticket to ask that this get addressed. thank you for letting us know!
Update - I have reported this to the web development team and hopefully they will get this fixed for us soon.
The same situation is for tabs with Safari on IOS (iPad) . I can't even download PDFs with documentation.
The web development team is looking into it this now. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.