Extreme Embassadors Program FAQ

  • 12 October 2016
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I'm happy to introduce the Extreme Embassadors program! The FAQ below explains what this means and how the program works. In short, we've given our Champions a new name and have defined a more formal process for on-boarding. We've got some new "Embassadors" in mind already and will be announcing them over the next few weeks!
If you have additional questions, please ask below.

Don’t you mean Ambassadors?
No... we like the letter

What is an Extreme Embassador?
Extreme Embassadors are seen as advocates of Extreme’s solutions. Consider them to be the spokes of “The Hub.” The Embassadors are staff-chosen community members who consistently go above-and-beyond to help others in the community. A blue border around a user’s avatar serves as a special indicator of this role.

How do I become an Extreme Embassador?
Our Embassadors are chosen based on a number of factors. The level of assistance and overall helpfulness someone shows to other members is a major determining factor. We’ll also ask the other Embassadors for votes. The current Embassadors list isn't visible in our new platform, so we'll update the link when possible.

Are Extreme Embassadors employees of Extreme Networks?
Extreme Embassadors are not employed by Extreme Networks. However, they may be Extreme Networks partners or resellers but this isn’t a requirement.

What are the perks of being an Extreme Embassador?
Your acceptance into the Embassadors program provides validation of your mastery of Extreme Networks technology. Extreme Networks representatives seek the insights and opinions of our Embassadors. We intend to provide opportunities to test new Extreme Networks features and/or software; However much of this program is still being composed. A special group has been created where Embassadors can communicate privately. Further, we know that everyone likes free stuff, so we’ll send out some Extreme Networks schwag.

How are the current Embassadors influencing us?
We’re always looking to improve and our Embassadors have been eager to provide feedback. There are many occasions where we’ve relied upon the Embassadors to assist with validation of knowledge articles. We also received input from the group to develop and test Support Experience Improvements and Escalation Case Enhancements. As well, there are several ongoing projects that include discussion with our Embassadors.

What if I don’t want to be an Extreme Embassador anymore?
That’s okay. You can request removal from the group by posting in the private group or by emailing community@extremenetworks.com.

Is it possible to lose the “Embassador” status?
As long as the existing Extreme Embassadors continue to provide helpful, positive, timely responses to other members, we’ll be happy to have you stay with us. If participation or answer quality declines significantly, you may lose your Embassador status. Additionally, we’ll review the leaderboards each quarter and determine if there are new members who should be added to the group.

It should also be mentioned that negative attitudes toward other members on The Hub will not be tolerated and may result in revocation of Embassador status.

What else do I need to know?
Extreme Networks reserves the right to revoke one’s Embassador status (or general membership to The Hub) at any time and for any reason. Extreme may also change or remove any aspect of the program. Any changes will be included in this document and/or in the community guidelines.

1 reply

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Good stuff Drew. Look forward to seeing this program develop over time.

The Hub is a dynamic community where solutions flow freely and help is just a click away.

Our Embassador program will highlight those members that push the envelope on Extreme Network Solutions every day and enable others from around the world to get the most out of their purple technology.

To our current Embassadors, and those that will come in the future, thanks for your trust in Extreme!