How to add licenses to the list on "My licenses"?

I have few proucts of Extreme Networks like:
- NAC (with 2 gateways)
- Wireless Controller (V2110) with 32 APs
- 2x S4 switches
- 12x C5 switches
- 3x B5 switches

Which of those products can be add to "My licenses" list and how can i do that?

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Are you the endcustomer or a partner ?

Normaly as you generate a license the license is automatically added to the ""my licenses" list.
So whoever has generated it should have it on his account.

If you'd like to move it from one account to another you'd need the license details and I think the GTAC can move them for you.

From the products you've mentioned only products with a software license are listed i.e. Netsight/NAC, SIEM, WLAN Controller, core licenses for switch
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I do not believe you can have SIEM license in "My licenses". Never seen it there.