How to be successful with Chromebooks in K-12 education

  • 9 February 2015
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During this webinar learn how Chromebooks are revolutionizing K-12 education and how to be successful when using Chromebooks in K-12 education.

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15 replies

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Submitted by: Ron Steiner

Q: The deal breaker for us is the availability of e-textbooks. Many of our publishers have plug-ins or other software component that must be downloaded to use their content. Similarly, the Respondus Lockdown browser cannot be used.

A: Many software & e-textbook publishers are realizing that Chromebooks are the #1 device with iPads as the #2 device in EDU. Proprietary plug-ins don't work on the #1 or #2 device! Adobe Flash does work on Chromebooks. Instead of using "Lockdown Browser", policies can be configured to lock down Chromebooks for testing.
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Submitted by: Peter Hassler

Q: With 1:1 use, how many years should a chromebook last?

A: Depends on the specific hardware OEM, but I've generally seen OEMs design batteries to last 1000 charging cycles, which is about 3 years.
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Q: How can the online test be administered if you are disabling the network connection? Do you mean just to White List the testing URL?

A: Yes, just whitelist the testing URL or testing app. Blacklist*.</a><br /> <br />

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Submitted by: Janet DeSenzo

Q: Can you give us that URL for the assessment set up procedures?

A: Here you go!
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Submitted by: Sheila Gray

Q: Is it possible to turn off the spell check function during an assessment?

A: Spell check can be disabled via Chrome User Settings in the admin console.
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Submitted by: Mo Woltering

Q: Do you have URL for Google Teacher Academy?

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Submitted by: Laura Marquis

Q: Will you be having trainings for teachers on best practices of chrome book usage in classroom for grades K-4?

A: Check out the Google in your classroom website that has teacher training tools. For K-2, I have seen Chromebooks work, but some schools actually opt for Google Play for Education Android tablets.
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Submitted by: Phil Stokes

What are schools that already have chromebooks deployed doing for asset management of the devices?

A: I've found schools use anything from a simple spreadsheet to a full-blown IT asset management system. For simpler needs, I've heard schools have had success with the "Chromebook Inventory Add-on" spreadsheet AppsScript --
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Submitted by: John Zemko

How are schools addressing SIS > GAFE account creation/updating?

A: Clever ( or Google Apps School Directory Sync ( can be used.
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Submitted by: Jude Lepine

Q: Is there online state testing for which chromebooks are not ready yet?

A: If your state's testing software requires Java, it will not work on Chromebooks.
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Submitted by: Jose Morales

Q: How does Java fit into the Chromebook platform and how are updates addressed?

A: Chromebooks, like Android and iOS, do not run Java. Adobe Flash is supported on Chromebooks. Chromebooks auto-update themselves in the background automatically.
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Submitted by: Shelly Bailey

Q: Does anyone know if the management console allows you to monitor live acitivty on a student's chromebook? I have been told this is the case, but I can't find any documentation on it.

A: The Google management console does not allow live viewing of the students' Chromebooks. You will need to use a tool such as Hapara Teacher Dashboard or GoGuardian to get live viewing of the students' Chromebooks.
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Submitted by: Ted Archer

Q: I have a foreign language teacher that uses speech recording in his assignments. How is this handled in the Chromebook environment?

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Submitted by: Jose Morales

Q: How is chesterfield County using the Chromebooks for SOL testing? Pearson testnav relies on Java to deliver all assessments for SOL in VA. ' I have a foreign language teacher that uses speech recording in his assignments. How is this handled in the Chromebook environment?

A: Chesterfield isn't using Chromebooks for testing, unfortunately, since Pearson TestNav 7.5 requires Java. TestNav 8 works great on the Chromebooks and is used in many other states. This is something that needs to be taken up with the state's education governing body.
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Submitted by: Sheila Greenwood

Q: What is the recommended bandwidth for approx. 200 users?

A: I've seen 0.2-0.5 Mbps per concurrent user.