How to change topic?

  • 4 December 2018
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How to change my topic?
When I type "Edit" something is changing but I can't change text in post.

Thank you!

6 replies

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I think this is a bug that we've just recently discovered.

@Drew C., you have any more info on this?
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I learned earlier today that there's something in the header code of the site that is preventing the edit box from working properly.
We're working on fixing it.
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I should also mention that only Embassadors and employee moderators have the ability to edit their own posts, so this doesn't affect very many users 😎
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Hello Drew,

Since there is no preview for a new post (as far as I know), it is a big disadvantage compared to the old portal that you can not edit a posted article.

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I didn't realize that, Stephan. Once we get this fixed, I'll check it out and will see if I can enable edit for all users. I believe there is an option is for 60 minutes.
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Hi, Drew!

As I can see in my profile - I'm still Embassador.
But I have no possibility to edit my posts.

Thank you!