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Matrix X Series problem (Traffic Dropped?)

We have Matrix X8 in production and we are having some problems at traffic limit .
Traffic passes through the X- G32-00 blade , traffic is small , about 150 Mbps , sometimes traffic and dropped to 3 Mbps This is happening at random port number, traffic falls to this speed and AFTER of the return time to normal.

CoS configuration:

X8_1 ( su switching) -> show port cos ge.1.3
Port CoS TC Ctrl Profile
ge.1.3 0 2 L be
ge.1.3 7 7 H local

We check the velocity port and duplex, and apparently everything is ok , the FlowControl is disabled .

Any suggestion ?

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Hi Gustavo

It would probably be best if you opened a case with GTAC and attached a tech support so we can look for signs there.

You could look for Host-mobility as a possible cause, look for asymmetrical routing, or high cpu that might indicate software forwarding.

The X has extensive logging, that might help establish root cause when viewed by GTAC.